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Encouraging Health, Wellness and Creative Expression

Yoga Fire Flow is about living in your element. Encouraging health, wellness and creative expression through yoga, fire performance and movement. Yoga Fire Flow creates a space for groups and individuals to practice mind-body balance and provides the skills necessary to bring this peace-of-mind into every aspect of life! Learn to tap into your “Flow State” today with Yoga Fire Flow.


Brittany began her yoga journey as an athlete in need of muscular flexibility and joint pain relief. Little did she know that this act of self care would transform her lifestyle completely. Beyond the physical aspect, yoga became the poetic narrative of her life in all aspects; mental, emotional and spiritual. She pours her heart into practice and teaching as she truly believes in the healing, transforming and unifying power of yoga. As a teacher you can expect Brittany to focus on breath, alignment and body awareness while also encouraging unique expression, creativity and community. Don’t be surprised to see Brittany smiling, hugging and handstanding because this life is to short to not live authentically! 💚


That first moment Brittany had fire spinning around her body she got completely entranced by the sound, reminiscent of the ocean waves her heart was missing. Ever since then she has been passionate about the fire arts and dancing with such an incredible element. She lovingly performs with a wide variety of apparatuses; hoop, poi, fans, staffs, and anything she can flow with. The only thing she loves more than fire dancing is sharing the light with others, providing the skills and encouragement to unite people and the flames. She enjoys teaching fire hoop and poi and watching the flame ignite within the eyes of others.🔥


The flow state in which Brittany is committed to living her life. Always being flexible and open to new forms of movement and creative expression, she believes that every creative pursuit is tapping into a flow state that pours from the soul. Whether it be physical movement, visual display or creative writing, Brittany loves to let her heart pour into all that she does. She loves to paint and experiment with various mediums as well as poetically writing down the world through her eyes. She welcomes new people, perspectives and play, so don’t hesitate to reach out! 💚

Corporate Yoga – Invite the healing benefits of Yoga into your workspace

45-60 min Yoga Flow

  • Full-body movement
  • Active stretching and mobility
  • Increase blood flow to muscles and brain
  • Increase energy and stamina
  • Decrease stress and release tension
  • Mindful breathing for relaxation
  • Create a sense of community
  • Promote health and wellness
  • Available for all ages and body types

Book me for your next event or for a private session!

  • Fire Performance: 30 minute / Hour performances
  • Yoga Session: Group / Private
  • Breathwork: Group / Private
  • Flow Arts Lesson; Poi, Hula Hoop, Fire Fans: Group / Private
  • Partner Acrobatics Lesson: Group/ Private

Private events, City events, Grand openings, Weddings, Birthdays, Concerts, Festivals, School events, Fundraisers, Themed events & Variety shows

Email me at yogafireflow@gmail.com

Beautiful Photo by Brandon Plantz Media| brandonplantzmedia.com | facebook.com/BrandonPlantzMedia

Busy Living or Too Busy to Live?

Are You Too Busy for Life?

Why You Should Ban the Word ‘Busy’ from Your Vocabulary

Photo by Brandon Plantz

“Hey! How are you today?”


How many times have you heard that response? How many times have you given that response? I bet a lot more than you even realize.


How Are You Today?

I saw a friend the other day who I hadn’t seen in a while. Being super excited to catch up, I naturally ask, “How have you been?”  “Busy!” they replied with exasperation. Wow, I thought, that sounded pretty weighted, and not necessarily a good thing! I inquired further and they began to fire off a long laundry list of activities they accomplished recently as if mentally checking off their To Do list. After a long pause, allowing the heaviness to sink in, they asked, “So, how are you?”

My brain went through a flipbook of a million things I had going on, but my stomach turned as the word “busy” tried to escape my lips. Somehow “busy” did not seem to do justice what i’ve been experiencing. “Life has been filled with so many amazing things!” I replied. Their eyes lit up and I imagine that mine did too. Wow, that felt good!


Too Busy for Our Own Good

Yeah, we are ALL busy! It’s a staple of our culture to utilize every minute of our day to be productive, to accomplish our To Do list, to work towards our dreams, to change the world, but also to make sure rent happens. But if “busy” is the only adjective you can use to describe your life in a nutshell, is that really the way you want to be living?


Have an Abundant Day

I decided to cut the word “busy’ out of my vocab from that moment on, and it’s completely shifted my perspective on what I do every day! I now substitute with words like abundant, full and complete. How much better does that sound? I am having such an abundant day! My Life has been full of opportunities and each moment is complete! Yes. That’s the kind of life worth living!

When you use the word “busy” it tends to imply that you are doing things that you “have” to do, or “should” do. It’s normally said with a sigh also implying that busy is something overwhelming and not really a pleasant experience. If your day is abundant, full and complete then it implies you are having a positive human experience. And why not? We deserve to!


Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

It may be true, you can’t live every day like you’re on vacation (so some say), and some days you may realize you have over-dedicated yourself, however, you still get to choose how to frame your perspective. You can look at your day or your To Do list with resentment or you can look with eager eyes and get excited about the things you choose to bring into your life.

There are always going to be things we “have” to do or “should” do, but ultimately we still choose to do these things. We always have a choice. Owning the fact that you have a choice every day to fill your life with people, tasks, events and experiences will allow you to realize how empowered you really are.

If you are actively choosing to go to your current job, to attend certain events, to be around specific people, why not enjoy the experience? If you change the way you phrase your life description, you can change the way you think about life completely.


Try It Out

You can say “My day is full with clients who depend on me because i’m good at what I do, money comes in abundance because I deserve it, I attend events because I enjoy them and learn from them, and I hang around people who encourage my growth and healthy lifestyle.” Now, doesn’t that feel good?

If you really do not enjoy your day-to-day life, it’s time to make some serious shifts! In the meantime, though, start with the things you can change right now, like the way you perceive. What you speak becomes your truth and permeates into what you feel, do, think and experience and the way you relate to others. So speak of a life you want to live, that you choose to live, that you completely enjoy living!

Remove “busy” from your vocabulary! Start using the adjectives that get you excited about life! And have the most full, abundant and complete day!

Love & [Fire] Light! 🔥
Brittany Nicole | Yoga Fire Flow

Email me at Yogafireflow@gmail.com or contact me via Facebook at YogaFireFlowSD

Do You Want to Acro with Me? Yes. No. Maybe Later.

Acro Yoga and Consent

Feeling Empowered in Your Choice to Participate in Acro Play


Acro yoga play is such a beautiful way to connect with other humans and learn impressive skills you never thought you’d capable of. Not to mention, it makes for some really great Instagram content too. 😉 Most importantly, though, acro teaches us about trust, communication and the boundaries of our bodies and our personal space. The acro yoga community is such an accepting, supportive and playful group who often seem to be “Yes” men and women, willing to try some daring feats. However, it is important to know that you can also say “No.”

Trust and Safety

Feeling safe with the person you are playing with is crucial. Even though it is often described as acro play, this can be a very dangerous activity and safety should always be priority. Before you jump into acro for your first time or with a new partner or into a new skill with an existing partner, do a quick self check-in. Do you trust the person you are practicing with? Do you have a designated spotter and do you trust them? And of course, do you trust yourself? Your instinct will almost always be right! Even if you have the most trustworthy partner if you don’t trust yourself you run the risk of injury to yourself or others.

For any “famous firsts” or new skills I highly encourage having a spotter. A spotter being a third person who will be attentive to the participating bodies and break a fall if needed. Seems like common sense but unfortunately many people fail to invite a spotter over because others seem busy. However, WE CARE! If you need a spot, ask for one and I guarantee you’ll be supported. One, you’ll make a new friend, and two, you won’t break an arm or an ankle! Sounds like a win-win situation to me. 😉

Whether you are new to acro or have been practicing for years there will be situation which you may decide is not safe or you are not comfortable with (yet) and you need to trust your intuition and be honest with your partner.


Communication is everything in acro. How else can you coordinate beautiful, precise movements with another human? You need to have excellent communication both verbal and non-verbal. In the case of consent before action, verbal is the best way to go! Just be honest. It’s that simple. If you don’t feel comfortable, say so. See below on “How to say no to a friend”.

If you have a pre-existing injury, definitely make that apparent. If you inform your partner about your injuries, they can help prevent further injury by being aware and avoiding your injured area or being extra attentive. This way you can still acro play but with mindfulness. You may even come up with a new flow as you use new parts of your body and leave the injured parts out.


We all have unique bodies, skill sets and levels of comfort, therefore we all have unique boundaries. Know what your boundaries are and know that they should always be honored. You do not need to give into peer pressure (which may be masked as “Just try, I believe in you”). Even if your friends sound reassuring, you don’t have to comply if it doesn’t feel right. Again, check-in with your instinct, and go with that! Your boundaries will shift and change as you become more experienced and as you experience new partners. As you practice, you’ll cultivate a stronger sense of body awareness and awareness of others both physically and energetically and it will only become easier to set your boundaries openly.

Honor Your Body

Not only is it important to be honest with others, but also be honest with your own body. Injuries happen and you need to honor your body by taking time to rest. (Rest day? And miss out on learning a new skill?) Yes. Take the time to rest and heal! You’ll be surprised at how much stronger you are when you come back after some rest and self-love. Sometimes you have to tell yourself “No” when it’s in your body’s best interest. 👌

Of course, also let your friends and partners know when you are choosing rest for your shoulder, ankle, fill-in-the-blank with a body part, or just in general. For example, I’ve had shoulder pain for the past couple of months and have not been able to do as much acro as I would have liked. When showing up at acro jams I’ve really had to activate my willpower to say No.

Some days I would decline all acro play and explain that I am resting and healing, and I would opt to stretch and socialize instead. Other days I checked in with my body and chose to acro with a more seasoned acro-yogi or acrobat who has attentive body awareness. However, I would decline play with those who were still working on their acro awareness and body-saving skills. Because of my injury I could not “save myself” if something went awry without worry of further injury. I did not want to risk my long term acro play capabilities, so I had to be selective. It has become easier each time to be upfront and decline if I feel it’s necessary.


How To Say No to a Friend

It’s hard sometimes! You may feel bad declining someone that you care a lot about as a friend, but a true friend will value your honesty. To be honest, I have some very good friends that I simply don’t feel comfortable doing acro with. Some are still learning and have not yet built the reaction time or awareness to save another. Others are into “big tricks” with no regard for building foundations first. Both can be very dangerous for both flyer and base.

The best way to navigate this:

  • Say no thank you, you will pass at this time. You needn’t say more than this if you don’t feel comfortable. Just say it with kindness and add an authentic smile. 😃
  • Request a spot. If you believe they have good intentions but they are still strengthening their skills, you can request a spotter to be on hand until you feel comfortable. If there is no spotter available explain you would prefer not to right now.
  • Offer to spot them and another human. For my more reckless friends that I’d prefer not to acro with because of their trigger-happy style, I offer to spot them and another person. This is not to pass the danger off to someone else, but because I trust myself as a spot and know that I will have both the base and flyer’s best interest at hand. *If you do not feel comfortable or capable to spot others, DO NOT offer to spot. Again, be honest with yourself, your capabilities and comfort levels. Simple! 🙂

Respect the Decline

Last, but definitely not least, respect the decline. As a receiver, don’t be offended if another human declines acro play with you. Don’t take it personally, know that they are being open and honest with you and that is a beautiful thing! You don’t know what they’re experiencing in life and it may have nothing to do with whether they like you or your acro abilities. Always assume the best and be honored for the open communication. You can always offer to play another time.

I had an amazing friend of mine decline my offer to play because they had a performance coming up. They were very upfront about it stating they had a show that weekend and didn’t want to risk it. However, they did feel comfortable doing some tricky standing acro with a familiar partner of theirs. I wasn’t offended in the slightest and wanted them to have an incredible performance, which they did!

I also asked a good friend of mine to acro play once and he just blatantly said No. Not offering any other explanation. It actually made me laugh out loud because it was so blunt. I knew there was no ill-intention or dislike, he was just matter-of-fact. It was great! It gave me the confidence to be more upfront with others.

The Acro Community

As in any community, communication is key! In the acro community especially, as you do have other human’s lives in your hands (and on your feet). We want to protect the humans we love, and the new humans we meet! You also want to protect yourself, your body and your boundaries as well. So keep it simple, always do an intuitive check-in and be open and honest with your communication. Know that you can say No. That way your Yeses are a “Hell Yes” and you can have a wonderful time learning acro things you never thought possible! 💚


Beginner Acro Yoga Lessons

If you are a beginner to acro yoga and are looking to learn the basics, I offer acro lessons! I’d love to teach you the foundations and introduce you to the community so that you can begin your acro journey!

Email me at Yogafireflow@gmail.com or contact me via Facebook at YogaFireFlowSD


Love & [Fire] Light! 🔥


My Experience with The New Age Circus

How to Live the Perfect Day

Reflecting on Momentom Collective – The New Age Circus


Let Me Take You on a Journey

Take a moment to drop in. Deep into your heart space. I ask you to envision your idea of a Perfect Day. What would it look like? Can you See it? Now, what does it FEEL like? Use your senses and delve deep into what it smells like, sounds like and even how it tastes.

You may notice a shift in your energy as you do so. A buzzing sensation, perhaps? A warming glow emanating from your skin. Your heart noticeably beating faster, stronger, so that you can almost hear it sing with vibration. Yeah, that is the place where Magic happens.

What if you could bring that vision to life? Or the more relevant question is, what is stopping you from bringing that vision to life? Your Perfect Day is possible! If you Will it into creation, it will Be.


Photo captured by Global Degree

The Perfect Day

My Perfect Day occurs in a vibrant paradise, saturated with color and scenic views. A place cradled by nature, touched by all the elements, seemingly at the center of it all. Where every movement creates waves and you deeply understand the interconnectedness of mind, body, spirit and all the spaces in between.

I would wake up to the sun rising over an abundant body of water. Taking time to rise slowly and savoring the present moment, each bare footstep on the ground. I’d transition into juicy morning movements to activate my body, then slide into meditation where I expand at the edges and tap into Flow State.

My Perfect Day would be shared with other beings, who like me, live with an open heart and open mind, who believe in magic and ride on the waves of adventure. Who explore the capacity of their human form and use it to express art through movement, music, language and connection. Who come together to teach, to learn, to share nourishment and exchange energy so that we are all Lifted in turn.

As the sun sets, and the stars blink open above us, we would dance wildly in celebration of life. Spinning along with the earth, dancing around the sun. Moving as unique expressions of a Collective Whole. As the lull of the evening eventually winds us down we share stories of magic and experience. We talk of possibilities that have no limits like time and space. Until sweet dreams overcome me and I’d rest deeply.


Living the Perfect Day

I know this to be my Perfect Day as I have already lived it before, and will live it again! I want to express gratitude for Momentom Collective for creating the space for me to experience firsthand my Perfect Day, as described above. As I reflect on my experience at Momentom, I feel that delicious buzzing sensation of dreams being actualized, of living in alignment with my heart and soul.

So here’s a loving shout out to Momentom and the incredible humans who make it all possible! Especially to Gabrielle Bonneville, Lisa Renee, Jeff Kirdeikis, Alice Faeland, John Early, Taylor and Veronique Zork, Faegann Harlow and all the beautiful and talented people who assembled to create a haven for us all to connect and expand. There were so many people who touched my heart during my stay at Momentom, I couldn’t possibly name them all (but I list them in my heart).



What is Momentom Collective?

In a nutshell, Momentom Collective is a new age circus for the digital nomad. They have residencies across the globe for people who embrace circus, yoga and performance lifestyle and want to actualize their dreams and find a community that supports them completely. This residency is so much more than a retreat because you equally contribute what you take away.  

Not only can you come to train and refine circus related skills, you may also offer your creative passions by teaching the skills you already have, facilitating talks and workshops, creating music, art or ceremony or simply by holding space. At Momentom you are equal parts a student and a teacher. It also offers a constructive workspace for entrepreneurs and those who subscribe to the digital nomad lifestyle.

The talent, passion, and creativity at Momentom is inspiring and provides you the tools to create the life you wish to live. This is your chance to truly live your dreams. Come to train, to teach, to connect, come as you are, leave as you want to be. I highly recommend you connect with Momentom today if the world-traveling circus, yoga and digital nomad life makes you feel alive. The possibilities are endless! Do “That Thing” that makes your Heart Sing!

Check out this amazing video captured at the Guatemala Residency. You can see me in my true element, hooping my heart out.  💖Video by Global Degree


Poetic Reflections on Momentom Collective

Here is an IG post I made shortly after my stay. A poem to Momentom, if you will.

#throwback to a very special place in between the lines of our perceived linear time. Where Magic dripped from the colored pixels of the textured scenery. Where Movement embellished every action with Passion and Heart. Where Connections deep as the watery depths of this seemingly passive lake emerge from tumultuous currents beneath the surface. Every particle so completely ALIVE in a wild dance of Creation and Consciousness! We tumble, we rise, we float, we Fly, we extend out of our being, past our limits only to realize there are.. no.. edges! Just an ecstatic churning of brilliant energy in orchestrated chaos! Pure Bliss. THAT Place that fleetingly passes across the back of my vision as I bat my eyelids. Always there. Always present. Like a filter with which I now see the world. And I am eternally GRATEFUL!

Connect with Momentom Collective and join the new age circus today!

Momentom has upcoming Residencies in Bali, Indonesia in and Guatemala.


Photo captured by Global Degree

Want to get into the Circus and Flow Arts life today?

I do private sessions for Hula Hoop, Poi and Partner Acrobatics. Let’s activate your inner entertainer! No experience necessary!

Email me at yogafireflow@gmail.com 🔥


So, What the heck are Fire Poi?



The Healthy Mind and Body Benefits to Spinning Poi

Discover Performance Poi and How This Practice Can Be Beneficial to Your Health and Wellness

Ever been Wow’d by the enchanting dance of a fire performer but wonder what the heck they are spinning around their body? I remember the first time i saw a fire performance and thought, “What is this sorcery? I want to try!” Fast forward a few years and now I am joyously on the flip-side as the fire performer sharing this fiery light and rhythmic dance with others! So, let’s talk Poi.

Great Balls of Fire

Poi is a performance art that involves swinging tethered weights in rhythmic and geometric patterns while infusing dance elements. Poi can be made out of a variety of materials, but Fire Poi consists of a heavy wick generally in the shape of a ball at the end of two chains or tethers. Sounds a bit intimidating, huh? Well they used to be slightly less so.

A Brief History of poi

Poi originated with the Māori people of New Zealand. It was originally made out of twisted flax fibers and plant stems tied in a knot at the end with decorative tassels. They were used in choreographed performance in conjunction with storytelling and singing. It was not initially performed with fire. You can check out some sweet videos of traditional Māori Poi dance here. Tourism to the island allowed the poi ball to grow in popularity and now it’s a world-wide apparatus that keeps on evolving!

Poi Play Today

These days you can find many variations of poi, from the breathtaking fire poi, to the technical LED glow poi, and even the simplistic practice poi. Practice poi are the best way for a beginner to start working with the poi art form and to build a skill set before setting wicks and chains on fire. Practice poi can also be made out of a variety of materials including socks with weights, glow sticks on strings, etc. As long as you have weighted tethers you can experience the dynamics of poi, and I highly suggest you do!

Poi is not just for performance, it can be done by anyone! There are so many amazing benefits to practicing poi.

Change Your Brain

Watching a fire poi performance looks beautiful, but did you know practicing this skilled artform can change your brain? Here are some of these was poi play can benefit your cognitive development.

  • Creates new neural pathways as complex patterns are learned
  • Balances left and right brain hemispheres
  • Improves motor coordination
  • Improves hand eye coordination
  • Improves reflexes and reaction time
  • Heightens spatial awareness
  • Develops concentration and focus
  • Develops precision and accuracy

No Gym Pass Needed

Not only is poi good for you brain, but it’s great for your body too. 💪🏽

  • Strengthens upper body; arms, shoulders, wrists and fingers
  • Encourages muscle toning and flexibility
  • An aerobic, full-body workout when dance is incorporated
  • Balances and strengthens both sides of the body
  • Develops a sense of rhythm and timing
  • Strengthens cardiovascular health
  • Increases circulation
  • Improves body posture

A Healthy Confidence Boost

  • Increases self confidence and self esteem
  • Encourages patience and persistence
  • Relieves stress when in a meditative flow
  • Activates conscious movement and body awareness
  • Connect with community as you learn and share with others
  • Feel like a warrior with your new skills
  • A healthy hobby to have, you’ll never be bored again!
  • You’ll be invited to every event in the neighborhood 😎

So What Are You Waiting For?

Poi can be practiced by anyone, at any age! Children can practice poi to instill healthy habits, cognitive and physical abilities at an early age. The elderly can practice to resist and potentially reverse mental and physical decline. Everyone in between can find joy and amusement in learning new skills and incorporating dance and movement, and maybe just a little showing off. It’s good for you! 

Start Practicing Poi Today!

I offer one-on-one lessons and a weekly group session on Thursdays in Ocean Beach, CA. Reach out! I’d love to schedule some time to work with you and begin your poi journey! Whether you want to learn for the health benefits, for fun, or hope to perform with fire one day, I can get you started! 💚

Book Me For Your Next Event

I’d be honored to spin fire at your next event! I offer a variety of fire apparatuses including poi, hula hoop, fans, dragon staff and levi wand and can tailor the performance to your special event. 

Email me at: yogafireflow@gmail.com

Or check out my upcoming events on Facebook: facebook.com/yogafireflowsd

Love & [Fire] Light!💖🔥


📸 Photo captured by the incredible Orin Louis Weintraub. Pacificreverie.com 

Morning Movement – Better than Coffee*


How to Feel Energized on a Monday Morning

Incorporating Morning Movement Into Your Routine

Monday morning is back again. Regardless of your schedule there seems to be something about Mondays that affect people in general. Enter – slow motion, lethargy and lack of motivation. There is nothing wrong with honoring the need for slow movement but if you need to tap into some energy to get through the day, start moving!

No, I am not one of those people who hits the gym or runs a half marathon in the early AM, and you don’t need to be either. Actually, I’m typically a silent and slow mover in the morning. However, nothing invigorates my body better than getting the blood flowing after hours of stillness and rest.

To be honest, I don’t do the same thing every morning, I like to change it up depending on what my body is asking for. Take time to tap into your body and ask what it wants and it will speak to you. Most likely it’s just asking for a little love.

Slow, conscious movement works best for me. First, I do a complete body scan and really breathe into the tight spaces. Then I begin to incorporate movement to loosen up my tight muscles and shake the sleepiness from my cells. I even imagine my breath activating each cell and gently orchestrating a dance through my body.

Once I get the cells and muscles moving with breath the energy effortlessly begins to flow. It’s amazing to witness energy pouring in! It’s possible to tap into a deep source of energy, which is always available, you just have to open yourself up to it. For me, it’s better than coffee!* 💜✌🏼

Some of my favorite morning movement:

Restorative Yoga

Deep stretching and muscle activation and release, yes please! I love taking long holds and really enjoying each yoga pose. I allow myself to sit with each pose for a number of deep breaths. Bringing awareness to every aspect of my body feels so nurturing! Try Yin Yoga for a more passive practice, or Vinyasa to incorporate breath-to-movement.

Floor Movement 

Who knew rolling around on the floor could feel so good! (And it’s totally not weird). Allowing your body to move organically on the floor and bringing fluid movement to your spine and joints feels so liberating! You are only as young as your spine is flexible so invite in playfulness to open up. Try flexing, releasing, bending, flowing and rolling in any way that feels juicy and right.

Wall Handstands

Okay, so this one is a little livelier! But if you wake up and really want to tap into that energy source, get inverted! The fresh flow of blood will improve your circulation and the muscle activation will get your heart rate up and really get you going! I enjoying doing wall drills, facing the wall while inverted and allowing the support of the wall to help me find a strong and steady line. Then hold, breathe, and come down gently and enjoy the rush of energy.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your morning practice! It’s such a wonderful self-care routine. 🌞💚

Want to incorporate more movement into your life? I’d love to help you plan and establish a loving daily practice. Feel free to reach out and we can make movement a priority in your life!


Love & [Fire] Light! 💖🔥



*Disclaimer on the coffee comment: Well, that is like, my opinion, man. (said in the voice of ‘The Dude’ in “The Big Lebowski”)😂😂


📸 by the incredible @brandonplantz – Check out his work: brandonplantzmedia.com 

Leaning In – A New Center


How Do You Deal With Resistance In Life?

Explore How Acro Yoga, Contact Improv and Movement Can Help You Face Resistance

Life comes in cycles, we all experience this. With highs and lows that fluctuate and mark changes in our lives. At times we meet resistance when we want to move forward. It would seem that life wants us to take a step back to regain balance, but what if you decide to Lean In?

When resistance meets you head on, rather than allowing yourself to be pushed back, instead use that pressure as a point to Lean In to and you may be surprised to find balance here. You can create a New Center.

How To Use Movement Principles To Find Balance in Your Life

I found this inspiration in my exploration of Acro Yoga and Contact Improv, where an exchange of weight and leaning in to points of pressure create beautiful acts of balance. Balance obtained with awareness of contact points and leveraging your weight against another’s weight so that the opposing forces create a new center point between the two.

In Acro Yoga, this is seen in the way a Flyer (or the elevated individual) leans their weight into the Base (the individual with most contact to the ground) who is applying resistance for the Flyer. If the Flyer allows themselves to be pushed back, their feet will never leave the ground. However, if they Lean In to the resistance the Base is providing they can find stability at the point of contact and fly!

In Contact Improv two individuals can lean in to one another at an angle that would be impossible to uphold as separate bodies, but by trusting the point of pressure they can find that new center and stay standing together. Finding this counterbalance and connection they are able to move together in unison, actively changing the center point through awareness of the shifting weight, applying mutual force and being open to possibilities.

Awareness is the Key to Finding Balance

Bringing awareness to the resistance in your life and allowing yourself to Lean In to the points of pressure and leverage your energy can open up a world of possibilities! You can no longer be knocked off your center as you can adapt and find a new center in any circumstance. Life then becomes a beautiful dance.

There is no need to try and control the outcome of this dance, just tap into awareness of self, awareness of outside forces and play with the possible outcomes. You can always shift your weight and find a New Center.


Love & [Fire] Light!

Photo by Global Degree at the Momentom Collective Guatemala Residence

Want to learn more about Acro Yoga? Check out my favorite resource: www.acropedia.org
Also, here is a resource and definition for Contact Improv: contactquarterly.com

Are you looking to get into Acro Yoga? Reach out to me for lessons! yogafireflow@gmail.com